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  1. Vistabrik® Solid Glass Block

    Vistabrik® Solid Glass Block

    3" solid glass block. Clear visibility, durable, impact, vandal and bullet resistant, low maintenance and aesthetically attractive. Excellent light transmission.

  2. Solar Wall Tubes Vistabrik®

    Solar Wall Tubes Vistabrik®

    An easy way to let light into a structure that is built with multi-wythe walls. The Solar Wall Tubes replace standard masonry units and allow light transmission for LEED contribution. Improved thermal performance. Available in various sizes with choice of privacy levels. 90% visible light transmission. Depth ranges from 8in - 16in.

  3. Vistabrik® Stippled Glass Block

    Vistabrik® Stippled Glass Block

    8" x 8" x 3", 8" x 8" x ½" in Paver

3 Item(s)

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